T In The Park – 11th July 1999

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25/02/21 Update now contains full set.

Edited highlights broadcast on Radio 1, the band opened with Johnny Yen but this was omitted.
Destiny Calling, She’s A Star, Crash, Waltzing Along, Someone’s Got It In For Me, I Know What I’m Here For, Say Something, Sometimes, Tomorrow, Sit Down.


Review by Tommy Udo, NME

James – Main Stage 6.45pm Sunday

“This is for everyone who wants to have fun,” says ageing bad singer Tim Booth in his piss-whiny voice. “Everything after us is so serious.”

James are well past their sell-by date as the stream of tuneless new songs are trotted out. One song, about victims or something (written apparently with Paul Gascoigne in mind) is a truly cringe-inducing ballad that would be better suited to some overwrought loser pub band, maybe a self-penned obligatory social conscience song about Kosovo or veal calves or something. Booth drags it out painfully.

They animate the crowd when they play the hits – ‘Come Home’, ‘She’s A Star’ and of course ‘Sit Down’ – all of which are a decade old. And people are sneering at the Mondays for cashing in on the past?

James were shit in the 80s, wrote a few good pop tunes and have relied on them ever since. God help us if they are still churning out this pap in the middle of a festival bill in 2009. Seems like that long already.

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