James in Session Playlist

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A career spanning playlist of James in session

Crazy (Lauren Laverne 2010)
Play Dead (Mary Anne Hobbs 1997)
Born Of Frustration (Jo Whiley 1998)
Leviathan (5Live 2018)
Laid (KEXP New York Cutting Room 2014)
She’s A Star (6Music 2007)
Frozen Britain (Disorder Session 2014)
I Know What I’m Here For (WDR Acoustic 1999)
Coming Home Pt2 (Jo Whiley & Simon Mayo 2018)
Protect Me (Radio Europe 1992)
Hymn From A Village (John Peel 1983)
Lost A Friend (Mark Radcliffe 1997)
Someone’s Got It In For Me (GLR Session1999)
Medieval (Andy Kershaw 1988)
Come Home (John Peel 1990)
Sound (Evening Session R2 2016)
Five-O (R1 James Day 1993)
Really Hard (John Peel 1986)
If Things Were Perfect (John Peel 1983)
Homeboy (Mary Anne Hobbs 1997)
Girl At The End Of The World (R2 Session 2016)
Vervaceous (GLR Session 1999)
Just Like Fred Astaire (Jo Whiley 1999)
Look Away (Seattle KEXP 2010)
Say Something (Absolute Radio Session 2013)
Sit Down (Andy Kershaw 1988)
Stripmining/Refrain (Andy Kershaw 1988)
Upside (6Music 2008)
Were Going To Miss You (GLR Session 1999)
Whiteboy (XFM Manchester 2008)
Interrogation (Disorder Session 2014)
Tomorrow (Mary Anne Hobbs 1997)
Waltzing Along (Mary Anne Hobbs 1997)
Curse Curse (Radio Comercial Lisbon 2014)
Moving On (Radio Comercial Lisbon 2014)
Nothing But Love (Jo Whiley 2016)



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