London Royal Albert Hall – 4th November 2011 (video)

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Most of that videos were sourced by Kristianlw.
Thanks very much for the amazing videos you made!

James live with the Orchestra of the Swan and the Manchester Consort Choir.
Royal Albert Hall, London – 2011.

01-Dust Motes, 02-Alaskan Pipeline, 03-The Shining, 04-Fairground, 05-Lookaway, 06-Just Like Fred Astaire, 07-Someone’s Got In For Me,08-Bubbles, 09-Hey Ma, 10-She’s a Star, 11-Space, 12-English Beefcake,13-The Lake, 14-Of Monsters And Heroes And Men, 15-Say Something, 16-Hymn From a Village, 17-Medieval, 18-Sometimes, 19-Dream Thrum, 20-Tomorrow, 21-Getting Away With It (All Messed Up), 22-Top Of The World.​

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